Recorded Webinars

Alarm Management

Date Webinar Details
July 2013 How to Create an Alarm Philosophy Document Details
May 2013 Benchmarking Industry Practices for the Use of Alarms as Safeguards and Layers of Protection Details
May 2010 Making the Most of Alarms as a Layer of Protection Details
January 2010 ISA-18.2-  Setting a new Standard in Alarm Management Details


Date Webinar Details
February 2014 The CFSE Endorsement Program Details
June 2013 The CFSE Program Details
April 2013 The exida Certification Process Details
March 2013 Applying IEC 61511 to Industrial Turbines:  A Case Study Details
December 2012 Yes, I See the TYZ Certificate… But Do You Have an exida Certificate? Details
April 2012 CFSE / CFSP -  Overview of the CFSE Personnel Certification Program Details
March 2012 Mechanical Product IEC 61508 Certification Details
November 2011 Final Elements and the IEC 61508 Certification Details
April 2011 61508 Certification for Mechanical Devices in Safety Applications Details
January 2010 The IEC 61508 Functional Safety Certification Process for Automation Equipment Details


Date Webinar Details
November 2013 Understand Risk of Cyber Threats to an Industrial Process with a Cyber PHA Details
June 2013 What’s Your Cyber Score? Introduction to the Cybersecurity Scorecard. Details
February 2013 Approaches to Cybersecurity Lifecycle for Existing and New Facilities Details
October 2011 Lessons Learned From Actual Control System Security Incidents and Assessments Details
February 2011 The 7 Things Every Plant Manager Should Know About Control System Security Details
June 2009 Introduction to Process Control Cyber Security Details

Functional Safety

Date Webinar Details
April 2014 Field Failure Data Analysis Methods Details
April 2014 Field Failure Data Collection Methods Details
April 2014 Introduction to LOPA: Layer of Protection Analysis Details
April 2014 Practical and Robust Implementation of the IEC Functional Safety Standards Details
March 2014 Ethics for Functional Safety Engineers: From Compliance to Culture Details
March 2014 Mechanical Component Failure Rates - Static vs. Dynamic Operation Details
February 2014 Risk Analysis Tips for Maximizing Value Details
June 2013 SIF Verification – Scaling the Three Barriers Details
April 2013 Improving Reliability and Safety Performance of Solenoid Valves by Stroke Testing Details
March 2013 Meeting Architecture Constraints in SIF Design Details
December 2012 FMEDA Results - Using the Best Possible Source of Failure Rate Data Details
December 2012 Using B10d Cycle Test Failure Data in SIF Verification - High Demand Only! Details
December 2012 Collecting Good Field Failure Data Details
April 2012 IEC 61511 - Proof Test Planning, Data Collection, and Analysis Details
March 2012 Understanding FMEDA Results Details
March 2012 Accurate Failure Data – Field Calibrated FMEDA Results Details
April 2011 Functional Safety: An IEC 61508 SIL 3 Compliant Development Process Details
March 2011 IEC 61508 (2010): What’s New and How Does it Affect Me Details
November 2010 Model Based Failure Data Details
May 2009 IEC 61511 - Proof Test Design and Planning Details
April 2009 FMEDA - Methods and Data Details
April 2009 IEC 61511 - Equipment Justification - 61508 vs. Proven In Use Details


Date Webinar Details
January 2012 PHAx, exSILentia, and SILAlarm Integration Details
January 2012 Overview of exSILentia Safety Lifecycle Tool Details
May 2009 IEC 61511 - SIF Verification, Engineering Tools Details
April 2009 IEC 61508 Software Development Processes Details
April 2009 IEC 61511 - Process Hazard Analysis, Engineering Tools Details
April 2009 IEC 61511 - LOPA, Engineering Tools Details